• 10 Nov 2020
    • 18:00 - 19:00 (UTC-00:00)
    • Online via Zoom
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    Construction Quality Planning


    Andi Troci, Construction Innovation Hub and
    Felipe Maya, BRE

    Tuesday 10 November 2020, 6.00pm to 7.00pm

    This event will be held online using Zoom
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    The construction industry often struggles to achieve and assure the quality of its products and services – as evidenced by the recent high profile failures of the Grenfell Tower, Royal Liverpool Hospital, Edinburgh Oxgangs Primary School, etc, etc.

    This presentation will introduce us to a new methodology forthe Construction Quality Planning (CQP) that is being developed, and was recently the subject of a major industry consultation, by the Construction Innovation Hub, whose mission is to transform construction through manufacturing technologies and digital ways of working.

    The new CQP aims to provide a structured process for the introduction of new products - from the concept design phase through to manufacturing and first-time installation.  In particular, CQP will apply to products being manufactured and delivered at higher volumes using manufacturing-led construction approaches such as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), offsite, platform and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).

    The process builds on the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), an established methodology employed throughout the manufacturing sector, worldwide, to ‘build in’ quality - supporting a shift from a defect-checking culture, to a defect-prevention led approach.  In sectors such as aerospace and automotive, industry specific standards provide guidance on applying these tools.  Many of the APQP tools elements are readily adaptable to construction, so improving quality and addressing common bottlenecks for the sector.

    A draft CQP Guide introduces the CQP five key phases, the toolsets that will be applied across every phase, and the gated approval process used to assess quality and production readiness within the construction supply chain.  CQP forms part of a family of the quality and assurance framework quality management approaches that will be introduced through the wider Hub programme to cover onsite construction and whole life management.


    Andi Troci is the Assurance and Compliance Workstream Lead for the Construction Innovation HUB – BRE. He is working on the development of assurance schemes and processes and, together with the team, is championing a rigorous culture of safety and quality in the offsite construction industry.

    Andi has worked in both the manufacturing and design sectors in construction.  He has experience in product and technology development as well as design and delivery of built assets for the housing, office and retail markets. He drives for continual innovation and is particularly interested in transformational change of the construction industry.  He is an advocate of a platform-based delivery and design for manufacture and assembly approach, built upon the fundamentals of sustainability, energy efficiency, digital transformation and the circular economy.

    Felipe Maya is a Senior Research Engineer in the Assurance and Compliance Team at BRE.  He coordinates the Construction Quality Planning (CQP) initiative as well as other initiatives that support the delivery of high quality and safe construction products and buildings.

    Felipe has experience in the design and delivery of built assets for different markets.  As project lead and principal investigator, Felipe has been involved in the development of innovative products and technologies contributing to the transformation of the construction sector; including new materials and construction systems, low-carbon and sustainable solutions for energy efficient and smart buildings, circular economy solutions for construction products, and digital tools to support the installation of products on site and BIM integration.

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