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    How Can Digital Design & Data Assist in the Drive for Net Zero?

    The drive towards net zero and the reduction in the environmental impact of development will be dependent on the reduction of both the operational and embodied energy within built assets. Digital design techniques, which have become more prevalent in the last decade, give consultants the opportunity to rapidly explore different design options and interrogate the outcomes against key criteria. This rapid optioneering, combined with data visualisation to optimise the material quantities and embodied energy, will allow project teams to make informed decisions to achieve the best for project outcome. The industry has set itself stretch targets for the reduction in embodied carbon across the built environment and there are challenges to be overcome to achieve these. However, as a collective industry, working together to drive innovations and knowledge into our teams will allow us to realise significant reductions to the environmental impact of the built environment.

    Alexander Edmonds

    Alex is an Associate Director at Robert Bird Group and leads one of the Building Structures teams in their London office. Alex has worked a number on projects throughout the UK, US, New Zealand and the South Pacific. He has delivered a range of project types, including commercial, residential, sports and leisure facilities, heritage refurbishment and seismic retrofit projects. While primarily focused on structural design, Alex has also undertaken advisory roles on seismic resilience, natural hazard mitigation and Building Code development. Within Robert Bird Group, Alex has a global remit to foster and promote digital design and innovation and leads an internal team delivering digital and data based initiatives for use by the wider business and its client base.

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